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Due to our busy schedules, it is very difficult to make up lessons or switch times with other students.

People are committed to their time/day.   Please try not to miss any lessons as make-ups are not guaranteed.

If your child is ill, you may send a sibling to take his/her time, or come yourself.

If you are unable to bring your child to a lesson, try to arrange transportation with a babysitter or another adult.

If you give us notice about your child's absence in advance, we can only offer you a make-up

if someone cancels and there is an open spot within the quarter.

Summer schedules are more flexible than the school year.

Of course, we always guarantee a make-up if a teacher must miss a lesson.

Thank you for the opportunity to work with your children.

Our school calendar year runs from August to August.

See our Calendar page for specific dates, including music recitals and special events.

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