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2018-2019 School Calendar

2018-2019 School Calendar

August 13 Fall Session Begins

August 31 Ms. Yulia Fall Kick Off Recital

September 3 School Closed Labor Day

October 13 Fall Musical Workshop at Steinway Piano Gallery

October 20 Fall Musical Workshop at Steinway Piano Gallery

October 21 Fall Musical Workshop at Steinway Piano Gallery

November 5 Winter Session Begins

November 20-25 School Closed Thanksgiving Holiday

December 23-January 5 School Closed Winter Break

Febuary 18 Spring Session Begins

February 24 Progressive Evaluations (Voice and Piano)

March 17-23 School Closed Spring Break

May 17, 18, 19 Spring Recital at Steinway Gallery

May 20 Summer Session Begins

July 4 School Closed for Independence Day

August 11 School year ends

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